martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013


Peaches & Herb - Sayin' Something! (LP 1981)

01- Freeway
02- Red hot lover
03- Bluer than blue
04- Dream come true
05- Music power
06- Wear You out
07- Star steppin'
08- I wish I could be a kid again
09- Picking up the pieces
10- Go with the flow

Rene & Angela - Rene & Angela (LP 1981)

01- Wall to wall
02- Just friends
03- Secret rendezvous
04- Wanna be close to You
05- I love You more
06- Love's alright
07- Imaginary playmates
08- Come My way

Fantasy - Fantasy (LP 1981)

01- You're too late
02- Too much too soon
03- (Hey who's gotta) funky song
04- Love explosion
05- You can't lose what You never had
06- Now I have everything
07- Read between the lines

J.R. Funk And The Love Machine - Feel Good Party Time (LP 1981)

01- Feel good party time
02- Good lovin'
03- From the giddy up
04- I just hope You understand
05- Come and get It
06- Make Your body move
07- Feel good party time (Radio Edit)
08- Feel good party time (Instrumental)

Rafael Cameron - Cameron All The Way (LP 1982)

01- Can't get enough of You
02- I love You
03- Angel eyes
04- For the love of You
05- Shake It down
06- Desires
07- Jealousy
08- Desires (Shep Pettioone Remix)
09- Angel eyes (radio mix)
10- Desires 

Aurra - Send Your Love (LP 1981)

01- Nasty disposition
02- Send Your love
03- Kingston lady
04- Forever
05- Are You single
06- Keep doin' It right
07- Livin' too fast
08- Party time

Beggar & Co. - Monument (LP 1981)

01- You need love
02- Laughting on
03- (Somebody) Help Me out
04- Mule (Chant N°2)
05- Break It up
06- Got to get away
07- Bahia De Palma
08- I tried to write a song
09- That's life
10- Keep on running

Gayle Adams - Gayle Adams (LP 1980)

01- Your love is a life saver
02- Stretch' in out
03- For the love of My man
04- You brought It on Yourself
05- I don't wanna hear It
06- Plain out of luck

Cameo - Secret Omen  (LP 1979)

01- Energy
02- I just want to be
03- Find My way
04- Macho
05- The rock
06- Sparkle
07- New York

Skyy - Skyyport (LP 1980)

01- Here's to You
02- I can't get enough
03- Superlove
04- No music
05- Take It easy
06- My sun won't shine
07- For the first time
08- Arrival

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night (LP 1979)

01- Ladies' night
02- Got You into My life
03- If You feel like dancin'
04- Hangin' out
05- Tonight's the night
06- Too hot


Fiel a la política del blog con respecto a la difusión de este género musical, me he propuesto realizar un ranking de albunes los cuales iré publicando en diferentes oportunidades, el mismo no estará sujeto a ningún orden determinado, ya que los considero a todos con la misma importancia.
A mis modesto entender, estos trabajos no deberían dejar de ser escuchados en alguna oportunidad (y de ser posible coleccionados). Por otra parte ayudaría a ubicar temas que alguna vez escucharon y no tenian idea en que disco podría encontrase.
Es sabido que en materia de gustos todo es subjetivo, razón por la cual propongo a los visitantes participar de esta selección mediante las redes sociales o el correo electrónico, ya sea para aprobar la discografía expuesta, mostrarse en desacuerdo o bien realizando sugerencias respecto a algún otro disco que consideren que debería incluirse.
Espero que lo disfruten y participen....

Shalamar - Three For Love (LP 1980)

01- Full of fire
02- Attention of My baby
03- Somewhere there's a love
04- Some things never change
05- Make that move
06- This is for the lover in You
07- Work It out
08- Pop along kid

Delegation - Eau De Vie (LP 1979)

01- Heartache Nº 9
02- Sho' 'nuff sold on You
03- One more step to take
04- Blue girl
05- Darlin' (I think about You)
06- You and I
07- Stand up (reach for the sky)
08- Welcome to My world
09- Put a little love on Me

Central Line - Breaking Point (LP 1981)

01- Walking into sunshine
02- I Need Your love
03- Breaking point
04- Goodbye
05- That's no way to treat My love
06- Don't tell Me
07- (You know) You can do It
08- Shake It up

Ray Parker Jr. - A Woman Needs Love (LP 1981)

01- A woman needs love (Just like You do)
02- It's Your night
03- That old song
04- All in the way You get down
05- You can't fight what You feel
06- Old pro
08- So into You
09- Still in the groove

Evelyn Champagne King - I'm In Love (LP 1981)

01- I'm in love
02- If You want My lovin
03- Don't hide our love
04- What are You waiting for
05- The other side of love
06- Spirit of the dancer
07- I can't take It
08- The best is yet to come

Kleeer - Licence to Dream (LP 1981)

01- De Kleeer ting
02- Running back to You
03- Sippin' & kissin'
04- Hypnotized
05- License to dream
06- Get tough
07- Say You love Me
08- Where would I be (without Your love)